Taste of Cordova: Dandelion Capers

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Did you know the entire dandelion plant can be used? From root to bud/or flower everything on the dandelion can be used both for medicinal and edible purposes. However, today I will share with you one of the edible uses of dandelion buds.

Remember when you harvest dandelions make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and that it does not come from an area where pets used the restroom.

When you are out on a walk or in your yard bring a container large enough to pick two cups of dandelions buds (make sure they are fully closed). When you go back inside, gently rinse the buds in cold water so that you do not break them open.

In a saucepan on high heat add

2 cups of vinegar

1-2 TBS salt

3 sliced garlic cloves

¼ sliced onion

2 TBS pickling spices

(and if you like a sweeter pickler add ¼ cup brown sugar)

Let simmer on low until aromatic. Strain pickling juice and let cool. Once room temperature, add the buds into a mason jar, pour juice until buds are covered, let rest in the fridge for 8-10 hours and enjoy!

These delightful little pickled buds will be a great addition to your dinner table. These sour gems will liven up your meals, however my favorite way to eat them is with smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers.

Raven Madison is a life-long resident of Cordova, Alaska. She is a recent graduate of University of Alaska Fairbanks where she studied Rural Development, Natural Resource Management and Alaska Native Studies. She is inspired by the land and loves to participate in subsistence activities. Most of the time you’ll find her in the woods or by the sea. Follow her on Instagram as @raven.alayna

Photo credit Gabriel Rodriguez, Photographer for Kitchen Unnecessary. Follow them on YouTube and Instagram.

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