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The small, remote community of Cordova has always punched way above its weight when it comes to talent, inspiration, and hard work. Maybe it’s because the beauty of this place is truly inspiring. Maybe it’s because the many residents who work seasonally in the commercial fishing industry are afforded time every year to explore other passions. Maybe it’s the blend of so many different cultures and backgrounds (Alaska Native, Filipino, lower 48 transplants, European, South American, scientists, adventurous spirits) drawn to the economic opportunities of the fishery but choosing to stay for the community and subsistence lifestyle. Whatever the reason, Cordova is full to the brim with artists, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners. You can help keep these hard-working creative spirits going by making sure you Shop Cordova First during your visit.

We are also fortunate to have a plethora of larger organizations and businesses that are constantly reinvesting in our community and supporting the things that make this place special. One great example are our Salmon Jam Festival Spawnsors! Make sure to support these businesses if you’re able to share a thank you with them for their donations that make this festival possible every year!

2024 Highliner Salmon Jam Spawnsors

2024 Chinook Salmon Jam Spawnsors

2024 Sockeye, Coho & Humpy Salmon Jam Spawnsors

  • Alaska Marine Response
  • Simpson Bay Oyster Co
  • Gilbert Urata, DMD
  • Cordova Telecom Cooperative
  • The Net Loft
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