Due to the recent uptick in COVID cases, we encourage all people to wear masks when in close proximity to others.


All Salmon Jam activities have been planned or are being modified to follow COVID prevention best practices. All activities are outside and provide adequate space for physical distancing. All volunteers and event hosts will be masked, and we will have hand sanitizer on hand for participants. 
Main event update: Alaska Salmon Run BBQ and race awards will be held in the upper Cordova Center parking lot instead of inside the Pioneer Igloo. Bring a camp chair and enjoy your “to-go” dinner outside! 
Shuttles to race starts will still be offered, but all racers are required to be masked and the windows of the shuttles will be open to increase ventilation (so layer up!).
Please Follow Best Practices to Keep Cordova Healthy:


  • Wash hands 
  • Physically distance and stay in your bubble
  • Wear a mask where social distancing is not possible
  • If you feel SICK stay home and isolate

A message from your local arts council, Cordova Arts and Pageants: 

As the primary sponsor of Salmon Jam, movies, and concerts in Cordova, we STRONGLY encourage our patrons to GET VACCINATED!  The only way live performances and movies can be fully operational is for people to get vaccinated and give this virus a dead end so it has nowhere to go and it will die out.  We will begin scheduling our normal “season” of concerts and movies this fall, but if there is an outbreak because of our events we will shut down again. 

Many touring musicians and performers are requiring vaccinated stage crew and even vaccinated audiences.  We will honor their requests if they choose to perform here.  

Thank you for supporting the arts by GETTING VACCINATED!


– Cordova Arts and Pageants

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